IMPACT REPORT I November 2018

Celebrating International Day for Tolerance in Liberia

We members of BUBL help organized a celebratory-gathering to join hundreds of global organizations in observance of the International Day for Tolerance on November 16, 2018. The gathering was held at the Turkish Light International School in Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia. BUBL SPEAK was the theme of the gathering which brought together young people and community leaders from different demographics in Liberia. Together with three invited panelists, we discussed the importance of tolerance –  a way to embrace ourselves as Liberians regardless of our different values and political connections. 


Mr. Aloysius Wesseh, one of the three panelists, said that "tolerating each other will drive national tolerance in Liberia."

He stressed the need to do away with a "preconceived mind" which he said has crippled national tolerance for Liberia in the past, and that it’s time for young people [like us] including our political and community leaders to further tolerance and say no to discrimination. 

Another panelist Pastor Bekono Jonathan Gervais spoke about values we share as people of Liberia. He admonished young people to take a responsible action Liberia and stop what he described as the "blame game" that has never helped and will never help Liberia moves forward. Adding that [we] Africans must turn "Africa's bad democracy into a good democracy" that works for us all. Pastor Gervais's comment about democracy and free society in Africa, attracted those at the gathering —

who shared opposite views, but concluded that democracy must be modified to suit Africa’s tolerance and development as it has been for western societies.


Also, in attendance at the gathering was a renowned Muslim preacher and historian, Mr. Yusuf A. Dukuly as one of the three panelists who spoke of the importance of collective strength and commonality for Liberia and Africa at large. Mr. Dukuly explained that the history of Liberia has been twisted and that it is important now for young people and leaders of various groups in Liberia to come together to straighten Liberia’s history for national tolerance. He asserted that such an "interconnection" could show tolerance and peaceful progress in Liberia and Africa. 

The International Day for Tolerance declared in 1995 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is celebrated on November 16 of each year to spread public awareness for the good of tolerance. We at BUBL believe is it important to celebrate such an observance day to promoting tolerance in Liberia and around the world — and we will not stop celebrating.

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